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Lending opportunities in Iberia

We have seen more activity in Iberia over the last 3 months than has been evident for some time.

We can specifically see several niche opportunities within the lending origination space, either as a lender or by providing warehouse funding to a third-party originator.

Some of these potential opportunities exist within the following sectors:

  • In residential and commercial real estate; bridging finance and debt consolidation
  • Secured loans for SME businesses
  • Equity release on residential assets, for residents and non-residents

At Rockstead we have supported funders, investors, servicers and originators across Europe, over the 10 years of our existence. Examples of the services we offer include:

  • Detailed research of the market demand for different loan classes, loan origination channels and potential volumes
  • Verifying external providers operational capacity and experience and the legal requirements to operate in Spain and Portugal
  • Writing and development of credit manuals
  • Carrying out detailed due diligence on mortgage brokers before and after appointment
  • Verifying that liens are properly registered within the agreed SLA terms,
  • Providing local teams of experienced underwriters on or offsite, to ensure the loans are properly assessed before disbursement

We have utilised our lending knowledge across all sectors through our experienced international teams of experts. If you wish to take advantage of that experience, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.