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Cup half full or half empty?

2017 has been another year where the financial services arena has continued to be subjected to more than its fair share of change and regulatory scrutiny. In the mortgage market, gross lending has held up against 2016 figures despite some predictions of doom and gloom in the Buy to Let sector. Undoubtedly, there are some major issues on the horizon; open banking, technology innovation and the perennial lending into retirement to name but a few.

At Rockstead we are definitely in the “cup half full “camp, having enjoyed a successful 2017. One of the real success stories has been helping strengthen the relationship between funder and lender, ensuring that it is trustworthy and robust. We continue to provide regular quality assurance reviews assessing the quality of loans underwritten against guidelines, policies and procedures.

We also continue to be active in the review and analysis of loan portfolios for both sellers and potential acquirers of assets. Our reviews often focus on identifying risks inherent in the transaction or asset and we try to suggest potential mitigants where possible.

A common prerequisite for any purchaser is to ensure that our reviews can be customised to meet their own individual requirements. Investors buying diverse types of asset often require different analysis of data from one portfolio to the next. Some due diligence companies have been used to providing standard reports that do not address what the client was really looking for. At Rockstead we take time to understand the client needs for each individual transaction and build our reviews and report outputs accordingly.

2018 will see Rockstead celebrate its ten year anniversary as a well-established, dependable provider of independent asset, business and process review. The foundations of the company are built on stability and reliability and the aim is to bring consistency in our approach to the businesses we work with.

In an ever changing market, there is very little time to pause for breath, but as the only credible independent provider in the sector, we hope we can support you with your plans in the future.

Season’s Greetings and with best wishes for 2018 from the whole team at Rockstead.