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We are certainly living in interesting times and are facing multiple, changing challenges, daily. The
Financial Services world is headline news and whilst to many these challenges seem new, uncharted and without precedent, we do not agree; we see many parallels with previous times and previous recessions. We have, in the past, joked that our clients benefit from access to our ‘grey haired’ colleagues – but it is truer today than ever.

Our clients welcome the experience that our colleagues bring to projects, as many of them have been in our industry for decades. As an example, we have colleagues who still remember the three-day week (1973 – 1974), which resulted from government-led measures to conserve electricity in the face of industrial unrest, sound familiar? We have several colleagues who were working in the lending environment during the early 1980’s recession and more who worked through the early 1990’s recession. All our team have working experience gained from the correction, following the global financial crisis in 2008. We have worked through environments experiencing high inflation, central bank interventions, rising interest rates, industrial disputes, political uncertainty and a loss of consumer and business confidence. Bluntly, most of us have been here before!

When reviewing our own experiences, it is surprising how common the factors behind recessions are and how close the parallels are with today’s challenges. As global markets move into choppy waters, access to our experienced team, who have seen it and done it before, has never been as important as it is now. Our consultant team colleagues include specialists in specific areas across multi product lines, including underwriting, collections, operations, change and compliance. As the market reacts to the challenges, we are happy to share that experience with clients, whether old or new.

The Rockstead reputation for delivering its project outputs on-time and on-budget has been built over the last 14 years and we couldn’t have done it without our specialist consultant team. If you would like to tap into our grey matter, or if you would like to chat about how we can help give us a call.