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CMC Risk Update

We are aware that Claims Management Companies are facing some real challenges at the moment but there is a further regulatory change that is on the way.

We have produced a Risk Update for your information, which focusses on the Senior Managers Regime (SMR). This is the first of what will be a series of factsheets produced to provide information on regulatory issues that need immediate consideration or are on the horizon. Rockstead has been working closely with a number of CMCs over recent years, helping with business, process and risk review work; all with the aim of working with them to help them improve standards and work within the regulatory changes that are imminent.

Whilst the SMR is one area that will need focus, there other areas that may need to be addressed more urgently. As we have considerable experience in the CMC sector, we would be happy to assist.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss either the Update or to discuss other aspects of your business where you need some support.

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