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Working From Home – the need for enhanced call compliance

Volumes of calls into contact centres are reported to have increased 700% across a number of industries, but particularly in the mortgage sector where lenders have seen requests for payment holidays climb dramatically. One lender reports that it has already seen requests for postponement of payment from around 20% of its mortgage customers.

It is likely that contact centres across the globe will be overhauled in the medium term to cope with future crises, but that does not help those companies getting overloaded right now as a result of the COVID19 pandemic.

As we have stated previously, the combination of increased demand for calls to be answered at a time when there are severely reduced staff numbers able to answer the phones due to furloughing and staff working from home is creating a perfect storm.

That is not limited to the financial services sector as consumers stuck at home feel the need to contact lenders, airlines, telecoms companies, local authorities, utility companies and others to seek help. In fact any company that operates a contact centre is facing similar issues – and their own staff are either self-isolating or have been sent home during this crisis, exacerbating the problem.

The teams at Yabber and Rockstead have been working to solve the problems that firms are facing providers and have designed and built a solution to help clients with agents working from home. We are launching YABBER REMOTE, a service that enables calls to be recorded whilst working in remote locations.

Our new product is a cloud-based, plug and play multi-channel contact centre solution that is easy, efficient, scalable, adaptable and integration-friendly.

Other features include:
1. Outbound calls with predictive dialler functionality as well as inbound
2. Log-in administration for clients to manage campaigns easily and effectively
3. Data stored on AWS
4. Ability to integrate with host CRM system through open APIs or standalone

Start controlling your calls today here

The Yabber and Rockstead teams are also working from home, are connected to each other, can access our systems via VPN and are ready and able to implement solutions quickly.

Please do give us a call or email for more information.

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