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Solving short term staffing issues

The reluctance to increase fixed costs as growth forecasts remain unpredictable is completely understandable and we would say, necessarily prudent, in the current climate.

With increasing regulatory oversight, it is crucial to ensure that not only is the customer getting good service delivery, but also that operational efficiency is maximised. What is needed in the financial services sector is a more flexible approach to staffing, particularly to help resolve variable work flows. More than ever firms are turning to temporary expertise to resolve short term staffing issues in a market which remains volatile.

We have found that often, when realising that their firms are under resourced, there is an exposure to processing and administration issues or bottlenecks, creating added headaches. As a result, whilst a simple addition of staff on a temporary basis is an efficient way of solving short term peaks and troughs, it does not solve the core issue.

At Rockstead we have tackled this problem by providing interim staffing solutions in response to individual client needs where experienced personnel are available on a short term basis to fulfil a company’s particular requirement at any given point in time. We can also help solve the inherent problem by turning that contract into a longer term consultancy project, with the added benefits that a variable cost base brings.

We have assembled an extensive database of industry professionals with varied experience across the financial services spectrum to help support firms with such short, medium or long term issues. Each of our consultants has gone through a thorough vetting procedure which gives comfort to potential employers and means we can put staff in place extremely quickly.

Recent projects we have been involved with include supplying collectors to work in an arrears department for a few days, the placement of a compliance manager for a fixed period, through to supporting the establishment of a complete underwriting capability to be integrated into an existing framework.
We have the flexibility to support businesses with specialist discipline roles across the financial services sector in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

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