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We provide market updates on important issues to key figures in the industry on different topics, but all related to our activities throughout Europe. We cover hot news stories and give our honest opinion on developments, threats and opportunities.

Our articles can be in the form of e-shots, ‘white papers’ or social media commentary, but we will not comment on trivial matters – you will not see us commenting on what type of coffee we are drinking whilst waiting for a train! You can catch up on our previous commentaries by looking at the archive below.

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  • FCA fires another warning shot at later life lending

    May 18, 2022

    In a recent speech, at the Building Society Association annual conference, the FCA fired another warning shot across the bows of later life lenders. In particular, the regulator outlined its concerns about how lifetime loans were sold. Critically, it used the phrase “We wanted to see……..” It was a reference to its observations as far […]

  • Challenger banks and financial crime controls

    April 27, 2022

    The FCA has recently announced the results of its review of challenger banks anti-fraud processes and controls. It undertook an extensive research programme that included over 50% of relevant firms and a sample that covered 8 million customers. The review focused on the activities of digital banks, a subset of challenger banks, who use technology […]

  • Buy now pay later products and RMBS concerns

    April 14, 2022

    The change in approach and increased level of anxiety regarding BNPL schemes is increasing. So why are RMBS investors becoming progressively more concerned? 1) The HM Treasury consultation on the regulation of BNPL schemes highlighted interesting growth statistics: the value of transactions from the main providers had more than tripled, 11% of consumers had used […]

  • ESG mortgages, FCA ups the stakes!

    March 28, 2022

    In our last blog we focused on the fact that RMBS investors are genuinely becoming more ESG focused.  This is partly because of the premium that underpins a green transaction (the ‘greenium’), but also because regulators are starting to drive green issues.  The latter was brought back into focus in a recent FCA ‘Dear CEO’ […]

  • ESG and mortgage portfolios

    March 16, 2022

    Our scopes of work, when considering due diligence and AUP reviews, are more regularly containing a requirement to consider and comment on the ‘greenness’ of a mortgage portfolio. While cynics suggest investors aren’t really interested in the ESG aspects of a portfolio and are only asking because they think they should, that is not our […]

  • Operational risk and resilience

    February 24, 2022

    It is nearly a year since the PRA set out its requirements in respect of outsourcing and third-party risk management. More importantly, there is now little more than four weeks before the Supervisory Statement becomes effective. The enhancement of operational resilience within financial sector regulated businesses remains a key strategic priority for the PRA and […]

  • Arrears contingency planning

    February 9, 2022

    The markets were not surprised when the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) recently voted to increase the bank base rate. The only surprise was that the increase was limited to 0.25%, lifting the rate to 0.50%. It is now known that members were split 5-4 with those in the minority arguing for a […]

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