Independent review and analysis

What we do

Our core offering is providing independent reviews of loan portfolios. We have carried out reviews for investment banks, lenders, asset managers and investors on numerous companies, in different asset classes, since 2008.

In addition, we have helped new lenders coming to the market in applying for regulatory permissions, setting up systems, processes, writing manuals and policy documents. We have also seconded staff to help in start-up phase or with volume overload situations. Our services are developed and updated to reflect market conditions; we pride ourselves on being fleet of foot and able to respond to our clients’ needs and requirements.

Specific areas of expertise where we have helped clients are listed below, but our experience is wide, and we have provided support in many other different ways. If you are looking for anything that is not listed here, please do get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

Specific areas that we can help clients with include:

Portfolio Review and Due Diligence

Bring clarity and control to your portfolio

  • Data integrity checks
  • Revaluations
  • Funding line renewals
  • Data cleansing
  • Re-underwriting
  • Arrears collection processes
  • Portfolio risk identification
  • Funding line provision
  • Title checks and verifications
  • Post-completion checks
  • NPL and loss mitigation
  • Pre-securitisation checks

Regulatory Compliance Service

Support and verification of your internal audit functions

  • Telesales compliance
  • Collections oversight
  • Customer service calls
  • Inbound call filtering
  • QC verification
  • Mystery shopping
  • Benchmarking services
  • Review of compliance returns
  • Complaints handling

Third Party Supplier Oversight

Be confident in your suppliers performance

  • Service level agreements reviews
  • Loan servicer reviews
  • Asset manager reviews
  • Debt counsellor audits
  • Introducer compliance checks
  • Litigation solicitor oversight

Staffing Services

When you need specialist staff

  • Underwriter placements
  • Collections oversight
  • Compliance verification
  • Professional litigation support
  • Servicer oversight
  • Customer services expertise
  • Interim management
  • Training
  • QC specialists

Consultancy Services

To support you with independent opinions

  • Risk policy reviews
  • Local market conditions reports
  • Evaluation of customer service levels
  • Deep dive loan assessments
  • Regulatory compliance opinions
  • Portfolio performance forecasts
  • Originator start up placements
  • Data integrity verification
  • GAP analysis

Contact Centre Monitoring


  • Monitors calls, webchat, bots, email, social media
  • Scores against identified compliance criteria
  • Provides meaningful MI
  • Measures customer service levels
  • Fully supported and flexible
  • Global solution
  • Available in 79+ languages and dialects
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  • Portfolio Review and Due Diligence

    [Bringing clarity and control to the portfolio]

    • Vendor or Purchaser DD
    • Deep Dive Loan Assessments
    • Funding Line Provision and Renewals
    • Re-underwriting
    • Arrears Collection Processes
    • Portfolio Risk Identification
    • Pre-securitisation or Pre-sale Checks
    • Data Integrity Checks and Cleansing
    • Revaluations
  • Regulatory Compliance Service

    [Supporting your internal audit functions]

    • Senior Managers and Certification Review – Set Up and Measurement
    • Regulatory Application Support
    • Compliance Returns Reviews
    • Collections Oversight
    • Treating Customers Fairly Assessments
    • Complaints Handling Reviews
    • Customer Service Delivery Support
    • Mystery Shopping
  • Third Party Supplier Oversight

    [To give confidence in your suppliers’ performance]

    • Loan Servicer Reviews
    • Service Level Agreement Reviews
    • Asset Manager Assessments
    • Debt Counsellor Audits
    • Introducer Compliance Checks and Monitoring
    • Litigation Solicitor Oversight
    • Supplier Due Diligence
  • Staffing Services

    [When you need specialist assistance]

    • Underwriter Placements and Secondments
    • Collections Support
    • Compliance Verification
    • Customer Service Expertise
    • Training
    • QC Specialists
    • Resources To Support Volume Pressures
  • Consultancy Services

    [To support you with independent opinions]

    • Risk Policy Reviews
    • GAP Analyses
    • Portfolio Performance Forecasts
    • NPL and Loss Mitigation
    • Policy Document Reviews
    • Business Start-up Support
    • Project Management
    • Benchmarking Assessments
    • Expert Witness Services
  • Contact Centre Monitoring

    This service is provided by Yabber Global. A powerful solution to measure 100% of customer interactions.

    • Monitors Calls, Webchat, Bots, Email, Social Media
    • Scores Against Identified Compliance Criteria
    • Provides Meaningful MI
    • Measures Customer Service Levels
    • Fully Supported and Flexible
    • Global Solution
    • Available In 79+ Languages and Dialects
    • Go to Yabber Global

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