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Taking the initiative with Staffing Solutions

We have commented on the need for staffing solutions in a previous update and we have had a lot of positive reaction from customers enquiring about how we can help.

The last few months has seen a real upturn in confidence within the financial services sector, resulting in the need for extra staff to cope with the increasing workload. The problem is do you increase your fixed costs by recruiting additional permanent staff, or can you allocate it as variable cost by employing experienced, already trained staff for a short period of time to overcome the urgent issues?

If current trends continue, 2014 is looking like a growth year and with the potential impact of the Mortgage Market Review (MMR), the time to start planning is now. The key is to find a solution which is individually tailored to meet your own company needs.

The last few lean years from an employment perspective has seen a good number of people skill up and become more versatile. Many experienced financial services professionals have chosen to become consultants rather than full time employees, allowing them greater flexibility over their own lifestyles and we are effectively passing on that flexibility benefit to our customers. That is proving to add real value to companies on a short and medium term basis.

That enhanced training and versatility means we can now source, for example, not just underwriters for high volume origination times, but also experienced multi-taskers with experience in collections, disposals, audit and risk.

We should stress that we are not an employment agency, but we do have a number of specialists on our associate database who can help solve staffing crises and we have developed our own training programme to ensure that in the majority of instances they are deployable in short time frames. So if you are thinking of expansion or are looking for interim staffing solutions (particularly with MMR on the horizon), do give us a call.

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