Independent review and analysis

Lending Risks Across Europe

Rockstead is recognised as a leading provider of lending support services in the UK and Ireland, but we have also been active across Europe, using local expertise to mitigate various lending risks.

Processes and procedures that are standard practise in regulated lenders in the UK, can differ across European jurisdictions, dependent on local laws or regulations.

One example of a key area where we have supported European clients is by reviewing the lien registration process, which we have found have regularly missed expected timing standards or in some cases have not been done at all. The ultimate risk here is that the loss of the priority rank of lien can lead to subsequent loss of security. Whilst the process is often outsourced to external providers, control can be lost without direct engagement and oversight of the suppliers, including evidencing deeds recording and storage facilities.

Another area of risk identified and rectified by us was by the provision of confirmation that underwriting, credit criteria and exception policies have met the requirements of funders and regulators.

Our local experts throughout Europe can provide risk assessments in the following areas:

• Responsible lending and affordability assessments
• Data protection measures
• Anti-money laundering techniques
• Verification of loan documentation
• Potential conflict of interests identified
• Delegated authority processes pre-completion
• Loan distribution risk factors

If you wish to discuss any of these matters and how our experienced teams can assist you, please do get in touch.

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